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Avon Girl 💄

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RANDOM~ I’m 40 Decades

How many SECONDS in a MINUTE? ~ How many MINUTES in a HOUR? ~ How many HOURS in a DAY? ~ How many DAYS in a WEEK? ~ How many WEEKS in a MONTH? ~ How many MONTHS in a YEAR? ~ How many YEARS in a DECADE? ~  NOW THE REAL QUESTION IS, EXACTLY… Continue reading RANDOM~ I’m 40 Decades

Overwhelmed With The Hype?

That Surreal Moment In Time Where You Find Yourself Grateful For Where God Is Taking You. Although At The Same Time Overwhelmed With All Of The Hype. The Marketplace Life, Educator, Consultant, Associate, Webstore Owner, Blogger And So Much More and Actually Having To Keep Up With Every Place Your Brand Is Listed. Every Platform… Continue reading Overwhelmed With The Hype?


Beauti Control Spa ManicureCombo~ Comes Individually although It's A Force When Used Together. Extreme Hand Repair Creme Brings Those Dry, Cracked Hands Back To Life In A Snap. It Softens and Helps To Smooth Your Hands While Providing A Barrier Against Skin Dehydration & Protection Against Environmental Damage. Instant Manicure Is Just What It Says.… Continue reading BC Manicure~ BEAUTI CONTROL 

Lipton Green Tea

Now I'm going to just dive right in on this one. I have spent a whole entire Retirement Fund (figuratively speaking) on Lipton Green Tea. I just can't, I really I can't; live without one. EVERYONE who knows me, they know on site. I have one in my hand and 2 or even sometimes 3… Continue reading Lipton Green Tea

Prophetic Touch

SHOP OUR STORE HERE Wow! I Am Finding More And More New Things To Love Everyday! I Just Recently launched My Website, Blog, Added My Listings On Google Along With A Few Other Choice Seller Platforms, That I absolutely Adore. And Created An App As Well, That's Not Quite Ready Yet (sniggles) Now To The… Continue reading Prophetic Touch