Overwhelmed With The Hype?

That Surreal Moment In Time Where You Find Yourself Grateful For Where God Is Taking You. Although At The Same Time Overwhelmed With All Of The Hype. The Marketplace Life, Educator, Consultant, Associate, Webstore Owner, Blogger And So Much More and Actually Having To Keep Up With Every Place Your Brand Is Listed. Every Platform And Person Who Expects You To Deliver An On Time Product With An On Time Value And Even So Being Rejected By Those You Thought Would Support. Your Head Is Spinning, The Phone Is Ringing, Emails Are Coming In, Notifications Are Going Off. Now… How Do You Respond In An ECommerce World With Platform After Platform, Marketplace After Marketplace And Every Social Media With The Exception Of One Or Two But Nevertheless Your Brain Is On Overload! Can’t Sleep- Can’t Eat! Constantly Thinking Of A New Way To Embark Upon The System. Strategizing! How- What- When- Where- And Most Importantly Why? Why- Is This Idea Going To Make A Difference? How- Will It Impact The World? Where- Do I Start? When- Do I Release What’s In My Hand? And Where- Is This Idea Going To Flurish The Most? My Suggestion Don’t Spend A lot Of Time Talking To People Who Can’t Hear You. If You Noticed I Never Said “Who” Wonder Why? I’ll tell you, “Who” Don’t Matter! Your Idea Is A God Idea And Most Time, You’re The Only One Who Get It. Be Patient, Be Obedient To The Mission~ Then Your “Who” Will Come And So Will Followers. Until Then Try Not To Be Overwhelmed With The Hype. Relax~ Sit Back And Allow The Lord To Continue To Guide You On This Journey. Take A Deep Breath And Say Amen!




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