Prophetic Touch is a New Approach To Our Umbrella. Starting an On-Line Business has never been the goal, Although Accessories has ALWAYS been apart of the Vision. Fulfilling the desires of Men & Women across the World is a Dream come True!!! Ministry in EVERY way!!! That’s who I Am… I have a Real Love for people & Being able to assist in any way, does my Heart Well. We actually started as a Beauty Salon. Prophetic Touch, llc- Hair Studio

Life Happened, then God gave a Bright Idea!!! 

Who Knew Expansion into Blogging and the Ecommerce land would eventually arise. At this point not having any idea where we’re going, although Selling Products, Blogging and Accessories has ALWAYS been & ALWAYS will be a part of Our Plan. I’m Grateful this Gift crossed has my path. I Pray you’re able to find not just one or two but as many Fashion Items, Spa Products 7 Much More as Your Heart Desires!!!


I’m  Dedicated and Committed to other people’s well being. And with this NEW WALK  I’m sure I still have the ability to reach that goal without being behind the chair.

Truth & Honesty For Everyone All The Time!!!

God Bless